Radio Awaz 105 FM Gujrat

This is a quick growing venture in the business of broadcasting and telecommunication. We're not only Broadcasting that the FM transmission but also supplying the turn-key alternative for the setup of the Entire Radio Stations and Telecom Solutions from the Government, Semi Government and Private Sector.

Future-Tech Engineering's team, consisting of a set of exceptionally The areas of our experience included but not restricted to the setup of whole FM and AM Radio Stations and basic telecommunication systems to contemporary broadband Internet functions and DSL jobs.
Has obtained and reflects the professionalism and expertise. Our teams of specialists have vision and expertise in various facets of the market, permitting the organization to promote a wide selection of merchandise in the source of spare parts, into the setup of Turn key jobs.

The Business Provides a thorough product combination backed by complete Support and service capabilities which range from conceptualization and system technology to program/project management. Sales and earnings of business have demonstrated an upward tendency in most product lines.

Although our staff has the capability to incorporate and market gear as Well as media options, but we believe our specialized abilities, knowledge and management solutions to be our key advantage. Our engineers may very effectively assess products, validate engineering, design/implement/optimize telecomm networks, employ SLAs and provide O&M solutions to some telecomm service or network performance.

Future-Tech Engineering provides voice, data, radio and video Communications system design and execution. Our technology and Company team has over twenty decades of accumulative knowledge in the Field of data telecommunications and networking! We all know Telecommunications technology inside and outside.

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