FM91 Pakistan Islamabad

A radio station which not only plays audio, FM91 has come a very long way in advocating Generation Y to watch, think, behave, and amend. Remaining true to its core viewers, the station publicly adopts desi vibes and encourages its listeners to perform the same by possessing the chant DESI & PROUD! This inherent desi-ness is projected using a feeling of amazing pride, and it has garnered much fame for the vast majority of those displays. With a fantastic mix of songs, Radio 1 FM91 has something for everybody since it caters to local and international tastes equally. This makes it the perfect companion to unwind . Additionally, the channel requires a stand for what is appropriate and that in turn, has led to a more educated youth demographic. Radio 1 FM91 stands to get songs without obstacles; shift with no additives, and data lacked a program.

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