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Flare, Pakistan's Top business news magazine, Matches the Information and study needs of the international and local communication, trade, company, banking and corporate sectors.

The monthly attempts to supply actual and objective journalism into the Readers while covering burning publishing and stories specialist opinions.

Launched in 2004, Flare gets published on imported high Excellent artwork Paper by a four-coloured automatic offset printing system to provide the viewers a sublime feeling when reading the material. The glossy paper with good printing goes a very long way in boosting the goods of its advertisers.

With ABC certificate and inclusion in networking lists of the Provincial and national authorities, the magazine has a circulation of approximately 20,000 copies monthly. Flare stays available on most of the key bookstores throughout the nation.

Flare is available at www.flare.pk. Clients can download it on the internet. Reading it on line might take readers to following levels with complex electronic tools.
Updated about the most recent news reports and events in the communications sector. Additionally, it supplies online advertising at very competitive prices.

In Addition, the magazine is well known to have printed best-selling Novels like Paradise Lost to sensitise individuals into the enormous.


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