Radio Pak Filmi

The sole point of this radio station is to offer 70s and 80s Pakistani films and TV tunes for people who appreciate that abandoned time, and there's absolutely no location to remind us that the fantastic age we utilize to live in.We play largely Pakistani Filmi/Movie tunes and a few of those gorgeous tv tunes that deserve to be played with this station.This Radio Station is privately run and own by Nadeem Devlani who feels, there ought to be a radio channel for people such as us.Listen for your treasured classic Pakistani filmi songs 24 hrs each day with no commercial break. Radio Pak Filmi plays most of the Pakistani film tunes which you used to appreciate, as the time goes by there's no more radio stations perform filmi music, besides Radio Pakistan using their tight program. Our intention is to supply classic filmi songs in your own schedule, so 24x7 filmi songs.You can appreciate listening those songs on our site OR OR and hunt for our channel Radio Pak Filmi or you could just download our program to your cellular device.Please assist us by simply listening this channel and sharing this site with your pals and nearest and dearest.

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