Riphah FM 102.2 Islamabad

Media plays a critical part in social, political and economic growth Of a nation. In Pakistan, media sector grew enormously throughout the Last decade, following the institution of PEMRA. Not Just the commercial Mainstream media altered in this period of time, but PEMRA additionally Issued a lot of permits to universities to set up campus radio Channels, which can be a substantial academic instrument to pursue excellence in education. International University: institution of educational It also Functions as community radio to tackle various ethical and social problems Being faced with our community. Riphah FM 102.2 broadcasts an Assortment of applications during the 3 hours Daily routine. It highlights the actions of the university that Conventions. Additionally, it acknowledges special times and broadcasts special Riphah FM 102.2 not just brings informational, educational and Entertaining programming honest to the RIU pupils and neighborhood, but Also provides a platform for the students to construct their communication And presentation skills in an expert functioning media environment. It Provides them hands-on instruction in sound production.

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