Suno FM 89.4

Nationwide Radio Station spreading the message of Peace, Hope and Progress. 96 International Radio Network is the 1st Social Educative Media of the country established in Feb 2009 that blends its broadcast with the concept of Objective Infotainment. It is a complete infotainment radio network broadcasting in Urdu , Waziri , Yousufzai, and Balochi languages with a variety of live programs based on infotainment, entertainment , education, awareness, peace, and youth motivation blended with super hit music. Suno FM Radio network is a multifaceted radio, not only catering for the taste, values and areas of interest of its valued listeners but also prisms the culture and folklore of Pakistan. From snow clad Himalayas right uptil the Arabian sea coast, our voice carries along a tranquil message of peace, love and serenity. Suno FM Radio coverage is almost every part of Pakistan. About 5 different stations are operational including programs in local languages. Stations including Urdu Live, AJK, Waziri Live, Yousafzai Live, Baluchistan Live and GB Live are actively producing live transmission and popular shows.

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