Sunrise Radio 97.0 FM (Hasan Abdal)

Sunrise Radio really started out as a certified cable radio channel and has been called Sina Radio at London, in 1984. It was started by Dr. Avtar Lit and filled with gaping hole for an Asian-specific broadcast media outlet in the united kingdom. It had been among the initial media outlets which gave the Asian community living in Britain a stage to voice their views and also it helped to indicate the launch of a positive shift in Asian approaches to become in the united kingdom. Additionally, it helped contribute to contemporary British Asian civilization. By supplying information, music, chat shows and programming in local terminology, and about back to the subcontinent, the channel preserved a significant link for Asians living in Britain back to their own origins.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron recognized the effect Sunrise Radio has had about the Asian community and delivered a private message of congrats, which was aired on 5 November 2014. Because of Its immense Effect on the British Asian community and civilization, the landmark 25th anniversary of Sunrise Radio captured the attention of websites such as BBC London News The London Evening Standard and trade books, such as Radio Today and Media Week.

About 5th November 2019 Sunrise Radio finished 30 years on atmosphere. If it comes to UK Asian radio, its the newest Sunrise Radio, that comes up . Since the primary commercial Asian radio channel in the united kingdom, Sunrise Radio following 30 years has been rule the marketplace as the top commercial channel in the nation.

Sunrise Radio paved the way for additional Asian-specific media outlets across the united kingdom, also has had a huge effect on the surface of contemporary British Asian press Over five decades of Sunrise Radio launch, papers, magazines, TV stations and a multitude of other radio stations, catering especially to the Southern Asian market, burst on the scene.
The initiation of the station opened up a completely new gateway for Asian commerce and company. Asian dealers depended mostly on word of mouth watering as there was little prospect for promotion in Asian specific networking and no Asian special broadcast websites for them to market their goods or services. But, Sunrise Radio produced a particular platform for companies to immediately reach out for their target audience, leading to a substantial boom in Asian company and an increase in jobs.

Sunrise Radio continues to be instrumental in attracting Bollywood, bhangra and Asian-inspired music to the UK's mainstream, throughout the channel itself and assorted shows/festivals, fostering the careers of artists such as Rishi Rich, Jay Sean and Punjabi MC.

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